Debunking some myths about unemployment.

Hellloooo So sorry for not blogging every day but stuff happens. Although, while I have not been blogging I’ve actively been hunting for my next “job” so this has lead me down a rabbit hole I rarely visit just because it gets me irritated to see people in high up positions without the same resources as those giving hints out to unemployed people. I will provide links and information on what I have personally found out (sorry to overseas readers but this is mainly UK readers information ALTHOUGH I do welcome comments telling me about US courses of the same … Continue reading Debunking some myths about unemployment.

Insomniac and what do insomniacs do?

Gooood day. Image credit to blizzard entertainment 😀 Now those folk who have known me a while know I have bouts of chronic insomnia, Not a bad thing entirely as I do get a lot done when I am not being distracted by day to day things. That being said what exactly do insomniacs do? Allow me to answer that now 😀 Keep in mind I am writing a first draft of this at 04:15 UK time and the servers are actually restarting ha-ha trust me to develop insomnia come weekly restart eh? I cant even take screenshots of what … Continue reading Insomniac and what do insomniacs do?

Happy New Year

Hellloooooo So yes this is day one of my attempt to blog every day. If I can’t I will attempt to upload every couple of days. Sounds crazy possibly but hey something new every day happens in this crazy world which would allow me to blog daily. That being said, Welcome to my lil world. We will be covering a lot of things in this little blog. No AdSense to be found here either as those bastards decided to block my account HAHAHAHAHA due to the fact that I cannot have an open time of communication with them. That being … Continue reading Happy New Year

Thank You, Next

So this will be the first and last entry for this year. I know before you get your knickers in a twist.  It is not the New Year but still Listening to this song as I type this has actually got me going “THANK YOU, NEXT” to  a lot of stuff that happened, letting go of things that hurt you is hard BUT you feel fucking amazing for doing so. This is where I am going to start doing just that.         That being said there are some really important lessons I can take away from this year and … Continue reading Thank You, Next