A new day a new outlook

After discovering yesterday that you simply cannot please everyone.  I have made me mind up never to let someone get to me as bad as what happened yesterday.

I am all for venting and getting your anger out,  I am talking angry kid from wow here but general.

a new slogan  I have adopted a zen style to myself now.  Not only for my own health but for my own peace of mind.

I also learned yesterday no matter how much you can value someones friendship if they simply wont listen to you when you are trying to be helpful,  there is nothing you can do.   I hope they get well soon for their sakes.

In other news Carol if you read this (highly doubt you will as the kids are keeping you busy as hell :P) Have a good wedding,  don’t let everything get on top of ya.

Been looking at how to do certain things in eve last night might even call for me to poke Garheade a little but we will see if I have to or not.  by a long shot I need to try station trading anyway 😛

So heres to a new start of a new day in my life


Author: Suz

A 29 year old brit just bored of alot of things

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