The Seasonal Gaming Slump

Oh the old days

So its like this every 6 months or so I actually go YEY I am going to play x game unsure of how long is it going to last but what the hell give it ago and see how I get on.


Should have realised this a few month ago when I closed my EVE online account.    None the less I went into WoW even re opened my second account and moved my priest over to said account.  No ones fault this but I am literally bored of the game,  But  ah well.


So now I am using this time somewhat productivly.  I am tackling the huge mountains of books on my shelves and even planning to go through stuff with a fine tooth comb in the house.  Going to also work on my SC2 play and need to find a damn training partner for that just so I can get better, as the Ai is not intelligent enough and GGS when it realises “oh shit this bitch has me beat.


Also considering going back to rift and giving that a proper go we shall see as I am more driven than ever to achieve something in starcraft!


Author: Suz

A 29 year old brit just bored of alot of things

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