my mind has been blown.

Not only am I considering myself really lucky at the moment.

I do not have much to get on my Christmas rush in a weeks time,  but I am even making plans for myself to have a good time instead of just moping around wishing for something better to come along.

Also I am a big ass nightwish fan those people who know me and know me well know this.  I heard Storytime today and it blew my mind away.  Annette sounds so much happier so does Toumas but if this is the first track off the album and it sounds like this I could love the idea of seeing the movie that is going to go along with this album (sorry to who ever I drag along with me to see this movie in advance) I can honnestly see me getting this on the mp3 player and keeping it there.  It is just that catchy.


I am going to be playing more minecraft! shock horror.  Just need to find a server that I can trust a little 😛 and that can put up with a novice builder hehe.  I am looking for a program at the moment which helps me plan out said buildings so I know what the hell I am doing,  its like most things I think about it but when it comes to putting it down on the program I cannot quite manage it!


Author: Suz

A 29 year old brit just bored of alot of things

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