New Year New…..

Taking this small break out of my normal sleep to well type an entry up shall see how it goes.


Its one of my goals to write more on this and I guess I should so I don’t end up the same way as I did last year, That being climbing up the walls to please folk.

I have stopped taking mmo’s as a form of release and escape, World of Warcraft is probably going to be on the backburner for a lot of it since I now very easily get bored in the game. No ones fault since I have been playing for about 7 years on and off now, I obviously need something new. I will be going back to TOR when I save up for a new rig, god bless my system for even trying to run it, and max fps with it is about 2-11 fps if I am lucky.

My health kick.

Yep this has come back to haunt me, determined to keep my goal up since I started so well last month I will be damned if I go back to how I was once, This can easily be done now my life is relatively drama free. I am intending on keeping it that way.

Going to aim to start cooking my own stuff up and I am going to start with some chilli my mum gave me the recipe I loved when I was a kid, Here’s hoping the weather holds out so I can run to the ASDA to get the stuff I need to cook it.

Xbox stuffs.

Well this was predictable since I left WoW, Inevitable I am going to jump back into the Xbox and some pc steam games. Thank you to trey who is a gem buying me New Vegas, tempted to set my live stream up just so I can try my luck. I don’t think it will get a ton of views since I refuse to stream my crappy excuse of a starcraft 2 game xD we shall see, same goes for when I get my Xbox effort done and sorted (which hopefully will be at the end of January when I research them a little more)

Anyway I have blabbed on enough.


Author: Suz

A 29 year old brit just bored of alot of things

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