Normallity sort of resumes

When it comes down to it I am one of the most hording people in my whole family.


This became clear when I cleaned my room up, found DVD’s I thought I had lost found some cd’s again I thought I had lost. Notice a common theme here? Hehe

But now that has been done I still have two cupboards to clear and sort and probably end up with a ton of books that will need to be reclyed, That’s a good thing in my eyes since I have a list of new books to read which are in themselves hefty reads. Since my life is now simplified I can actually feel safe to curl up with a book at the end of the day and relax.

Found out that some cravings cannot be ignored and the box of chocolates sat next to me is testament to that, will feel guilty as hell tomorrow but hell it will drive me to go for a walk tomorrow to burn those chocolates off. As well as Saturday when I am out and about in Manchester so again that’s win win.

I might even consider doing the cupboards tomorrow if the weather is utter crap like how it has been for the past few days. I had a let go thing happen and for the first time in months, I am feeling so relaxed now I like feeling this way.

Here is to a drama free 2012 (well hopefully)

Threw myself into starcraft 2 and you know watching DignitasAppollo’s tutorials much love to the guy, Managed to win 6 straight games but I need to finish watching them so I don’t end up with loads of money and loads of gas.

Shall keep it posted here.


Author: Suz

A 29 year old brit just bored of alot of things

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