Exactly what the above said.  I will explain now why its just something going on so if you are not interested in “cryptic” stuff leave now as this WILL not interest you.



I have been dealt a good hand with what I would consider friends and those people know I would get their back as and when they need it.  Now is the time for me to speak out because of several reasons


1/ am tired of bullshit going round,  when said bullshit starts affecting those I care about THEN I give a toss.  I have always said everyone is different everyone has difference on tolerance limits and when those limits are crossed for one person doesn’t mean to say that the other persons isn’t.    If you ever find ya self in this situation don’t assume you are right as the above point states.  

2/ Don’t assume someone isn’t pulling their weight even if you can’t see what they are doing.  Heard instances of someone being a moron just because they didn’t fill you in on their personal life.  For all you know they may have been pulling strings to help your sorry ass out! so just don’t be a jackass to that particular person.

3/ Reacting badly to a parent.  When you are in a position of power and YOU know children visit you place of work.  Even though they may be the most disrespectful little darlings about but yet you still have a duty of care to ensure that they are not exposed to certain things,  Porn or what some parents consider porn out their radar and that includes any members of staff who are under your command before some people get on their high horses about this being the internet and it being easily accessible.  True yes it is but most parents are sensible enough to keep a very close eye on what their children are doing online.  Even more sensible they keep all the computers in the one room and monitor them off their own,  think about it like this HOW would you react if your kids had those images on the screen?

4/ Treating other people with disdain,  I could have easily tied this in with the others but also felt the need to tie it in here a little.  While you expect respect from people they will no doubt expect it back from yourself,  Like myself respect it earned not demanded and talking to people like you have just literally scraped them off the bottom of your shoe isn’t going to work.  Oh yes I should mention again if you manage groups of people,  like 50-60 members of staff get them to treat each other with some form of respect I work for a company who is only small and some nice folks but then some idiots come along and then ignore those people who have been there long who have seen the ropes respect is dished out management down think about it.


Sorry have ranted enough,  Shall end this here enjoy your Sunday 🙂


Author: Suz

A 29 year old brit just bored of alot of things

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