Unemployment Bleh

Now before the gamer’s who read this rejoyce,  it is not all that what people make it out to be.

I am not one of those scroungers I am actively seeking although the DWP Have kept me hanging now for just over a month with no money and me having to loan off friends just so I can go to the office to sign on every couple of weeks.


The problem,  Well thats easy I moved to give my self a better chance at a job and its working I have people contacting me and such like that but I have had to turn down several interviews due to lack of funds.  ALas I digress the problem was my claim which was being processed in Preston wasnt moved nor processed.  SO when I went to barnsley and my friends my claim and I moved but its showing on thier system “Live but no payment processed” even though they took my bank account details took my care of adress ect ect.  The office in preston had not processed it.  So now on the 12th of this month I finally thought enough was enough,  and got intouch with the local MP and funny enough they are now “working” on it, so I sat here working things out I am looking at a substantial sum in back pay for a cock up that I was assured would never happen.


Author: Suz

A 29 year old brit just bored of alot of things

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