Something I say every year but this year it’s different

So those of you who know me fantastically well know I say the same shit every year about getting into shape and ignoring all distractions right?

But before you dismiss this as yet another “empty promise” I was even more inspired by a few people to actually do something about it.  Not only was my change in circumstance now I am in a household of 3 kids (trust me that is not easy in itself with them all being teenagers and their active father) and let alone the freaking hills in Barnsley you have to walk to get anywhere, I soon realised when I went for a ride down when it freaking slaughtered me no kidding of a lie. 

ImageMs Veronica Varlow or the naughty veronica (yes emilie autumn referance there bonus credits if you get it) or the “danger dame” Inspired me in one of her blogs about taking control of shit and getting stuff sorted.  I have been sat on my hands on a awful lot until now and ya know what I feel kinda liberated doing so.  I know it sounds freaky I know it sounds werid but when stuff happens for a reason then ya have to grab it and go with it


Author: Suz

A 29 year old brit just bored of alot of things

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