Ok time for the second entry – Catch 22

Ok this will seem funny.  I mentioned in the previous entry which wasnt linked on twitter or anywhere a part from Google plus.

Although this is more suitable for me to put out there for consumption.  Or rather the famous “dammed if ya do and dammed if ya dont” basically I now find myself in a spot where I should have found myself in my early teens and now experiencing it in my 30’s and my head screaming wtf have i done with my life.

Basically I have some experience and a lot of certificates to prove I completed things but when it comes down to the work environment i am practically unemployable,  I could do more voluntary but i know of a certain person who wouldn’t be happy with that, and lets be frank I am not cut out for warehouse work.   so right now I am employing for more courses more work and what ever else is on offer and it just feels like I’m getting no where fast and confused and scared of what my future holds.


Author: Suz

A 29 year old brit just bored of alot of things

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