Call me annoyed BUT

The cockroach known as Katie Hopkins has gotten under my skin yet again.

Truth be told I should really block all content on the internet that contains this woman but this woman alone has made me more determined to do things just to prove her wrong.

A few months ago was my fave by saying the following

People with depression do not need a doctor and a bottle of something that rattles. They need a pair of running shoes and fresh air

Why yes ms Hopkins you are my doctor now are you?! how can i say this politely YOU PERSONALLY CANNOT SAY THAT DUE TO YOUR MISS UNDERSTANDINGS OF WHAT DEPRESSION IS! It effects every person differently.  I have role models in my life who manage their bi-polar fantastically well and should be applauded for their efforts and not slammed.  Oh and to blow holes in your theory these people also go out and get the fresh air you prescribed while it is beneficial how is it meant to keep us stable which you claim to be.

Before your army say I am late on this post as well its due to the fact I’M a suffer hell I find it hard sometimes of a morning to get myself out of bed to do the most fucking basic things.  I normally don’t wish ill of people especially something that cannot be cured, but ever since reading the toxic bile you spill has made me more determind to prove ya wrong.

Let the game begin cockroach


Author: Suz

A 29 year old brit just bored of alot of things

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