The Quest For “flying feet”

This is often a question I find myself asking.  I am changing my diet to something more sustainable but I need a mission that will get me up and out.

The title of this post is rather fitting,  I am part of the most supportive bunch of people I have ever had the privilege of meeting on line and its the Run Mummy Run lass‘s.  I am curious as to what gets them up and out and some of them would say purely for release (and having hop alongs kids around the house god yes I understand) I have an added barrier I also have anxiety and depression.  That said after my run I felt OK but its made me more determined to get these

Flying feet. I know its going to take time but do I make that a “goal” while I am at it I am unsure.


Author: Suz

A 29 year old brit just bored of alot of things

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