Been Thinking about This

Theres a motto currently penned by one of the WWE wrestlers (before you get on my case about how it is all staged and ect I ALREADY KNOW thank you.)

But the thing that grabbed me was

This is true for me in many cases,  I will be frank my mental health is fucked.  So fucked I’m waiting on a mental health assessment from a psychologist. my actual health physcial wise besides a condition called PCOS which well if you just google that it will fill ya in as its not the time or place for me to do that. (Although I may touch on it during my own little ramble!)

Kinda thinking of breaking down the above phrase into What the fuck do I want?! (redesign) Take the fucking action to do it (rebuild) look at yer progress and be fucking proud (reclaim) It seems logical right?! right but its gonna take years if not months for me to acheive  even the first step and I am 32 but then again if I start the redesigning that actually is the simple part.  (shocker) I am gonna take a close long hard look at this and then make my plans.



Author: Suz

A 29 year old brit just bored of alot of things

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