Debunking some myths about unemployment.

Hellloooo So sorry for not blogging every day but stuff happens. Although, while I have not been blogging I’ve actively been hunting for my next “job” so this has lead me down a rabbit hole I rarely visit just because it gets me irritated to see people in high up positions without the same resources as those giving hints out to unemployed people. I will provide links and information on what I have personally found out (sorry to overseas readers but this is mainly UK readers information ALTHOUGH I do welcome comments telling me about US courses of the same … Continue reading Debunking some myths about unemployment.

Insomniac and what do insomniacs do?

Gooood day. Image credit to blizzard entertainment 😀 Now those folk who have known me a while know I have bouts of chronic insomnia, Not a bad thing entirely as I do get a lot done when I am not being distracted by day to day things. That being said what exactly do insomniacs do? Allow me to answer that now 😀 Keep in mind I am writing a first draft of this at 04:15 UK time and the servers are actually restarting ha-ha trust me to develop insomnia come weekly restart eh? I cant even take screenshots of what … Continue reading Insomniac and what do insomniacs do?