An open Letter to Ms Katie Hopkins



I write this as a obese woman, Not through choice but through some bad situations I have found myself in over the past 15 or so years and I am now working it off like yourself.

This is where our similarities end, You are choosing to do this through choice and through the media where fat shaming is rampant. Did you not think of talking to these fat women that you find so repulsive as you described in your interview on this morning on the 01/09/14? Did you not think that most of the women in the UK actually cannot stand you ever since the “You are not as beautiful as me” Incident that again you started in the press.

Telling a size 16 woman that she isn’t beautiful is beyond contempt, You may be unhappy with a choice you made but please keep those judgements OUT of this while you are finishing your “job” to educate us plus size lasses who are trying our best.

You wont be interested in my story but I am going to tell it anyway due to the medium that this open letter is presented in:

I am a 30 year old lady who is a size 20-22, Yes I am overweight yes I am one of these people you despise with a passion. I am currently seeing a health coach who is trying to bring my weight down and build my self confidence which people like you who so self absorbed and mock for no other reason. I am no model either yet I have a loving partner who I know will stand by me no matter what I choose, I am undergoing work out program on my ps3 using the EA sports active program and I will admit I am enjoying it. Alas I digress, I am changing my diet my portion sizes are much much smaller than they used to be and you know what I really don’t think you will be able to manage this. Your choice at the end of the day and I am sure the millions of pounds you are going to get out of this will help you pay for the surgery for you to get back to your super thin looks.

I may add that you only became famous due to your stint on The Apprentice, Nothing more nothing less than a first class attention whore, I am defending my right to say this because I am one of the few obese people in the UK brave enough to speak out I am one of the few who are working hard at it, Just think before you act in the future your actions may cause hurt and distress but then again that is the world of Ms Hopkins for us.

This has been a mind of a fat girl writing on behalf of my own sake of mind.